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Video Marketing
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Video marketing has become all important when it comes to capturing the viewer's attention and interest. Simply said, without video, your website is pretty much dead! Dream Builders is going through a learning curve in how to produce professional looking videos. We're determined to do so in order to help you create more effective marketing websites.

Below are examples of what we've created to date. More will be uploaded as they become available. What you see below are called White Board videos. In the future we hope to create videos utilizing real people and motion backgrounds. You are free to use and publish any of these videos on your Young Living marketing websites. We'll show you how when you're ready to do so.

At this time, the videos we've completed are designed to attract the attention of Baby Boomers, As more target markets are identified and videos created, they will be published here. If you have questions on how to insert any of these videos into Landing Pages or other websites, or have an ideas for a video, just let us know.

These videos are designed to do one thing, cause the viewer to click on a link which opens a Landing Page (See Example). The Landing Page ideally has an Opt-in Form the viewer must fill-out and submit in order to download whatever it is the video offered them. From there, your autoresponder's email campaign kicks in.

Target Market - Baby Boomers


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