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Partnership Agreement

This written agreement is NOT a legal document, but rather a witness that two parties desire and agree to fulfill in good faith each of their obligations to one another. By signing below, each party agrees this partnership agreement cannot be used in civil law; and forfeits any legal action that may arise from and/or be consigned to this agreement.

This agreement brings together the below parties for the mutual purpose of building a wholesale Product Distribution System. The products and/or business tools agreed upon for distribution and/or for use by this agreement are manufactured/produced by Young Living Essential Oils, and the Power Lead System. This agreement affords no other purchase requirement beyond Young Living Essential Oils and the Power Lead System, and terminates six months from the date of signing by the Associate Partner.

Be sure to read what The Crown Jewel Business Manual has to say about Partnering.


The Power Lead System
A One-stop Marketing Platform
With All the Marketing Bells and Whistles

Most Young Living websites used by Distributors to promote their businesses fail to recruit as Distributors hoped they would. The reason is simple. While most Young Living websites highlight Young Living's mission and products, they do little to inspire entrepreneurialism.

These static websites are great educators of Young Living products, but they are not the kinds of websites you want or need to build a Diamond Distributorship online

The Power Lead System (PLS) is a Marketers dream come true, including Young Living Distributors. Be sure to read what The Crown Jewel Business Manual has to say about the PLS.

The best way to tell you about PLS is simply to direct you to watch their video presentation. All we can say is why didn't someone come up with this all in one, online marketing solution before now. This will astound you. Click on the image below to watch a 4 part video intro.

 Power Lead System Video
If for some reason the link will not open, here is the URL

 Business Package Cover Letter

Dear (First Name):

It was a pleasure to speak with you briefly about building a Product Distribution Network, utilizing Young Living Essential Oils. Please find enclosed information you will want to review to consider joining our team. The calendar is my gift to you for taking time to do your due diligence.

When money moves, people make money. But unless we are positioned in front of money when it does move, that money goes elsewhere to someone else. Owning a Product Distribution Network puts you in front of money.

The reason our team enjoys rapid growth is due to our focus and manner in which we work with new team members. Our focus is on building hands-off, wholesale Product Distribution Networks, the kind business owners will to their families.

Sample Business Plan

Vision Statement

(Name of Your Company), founded in Insert Year) as a home-based business, intends to profitably mass market the products and business opportunity of Young Living Essential Oils Inc. (hereafter referred to as YLEO), to the general buying public. Furthermore, (Name of Your Company) will use the products offered by YLEO for incentives, samples, display, personal use, as well as for additional retail profits. Due to the demand for the unique, high quality of YLEO products, retail profit potential, tax advantages available to home-based businesses, and lucrative commissions and bonuses offered by YLEO Compensation Plan, I will sponsor Independent YLEO associates to build a wholesale and retail Product Distribution Network. My intent is to build a highly visible organization and produce a substantial profit, over a period of time.

Three-Way Call Protocol

The heartbeat of network marketing is found in communications between partners and prospects (i.e. three-way phone calls). For it is here where validation and trust are born. Key essentials to your success.

When prospects witness this kind of teamwork, they know there will be strong, solid support should they Partner with you. They will know the offer on the table is real, and therefore commands their attention.

Introduction to Three-way Phone Call Protocol

The purpose of this Three Way Phone Call Protocol is to give you the information needed to conduct closing. Closing is a sales term that means to make or finish (close) the sale. For our purposes, closing means:

1. The prospect is enrolled in Young Living,
2. Is enrolled in the $100 p/mo Autoship Rewards Program,
3. And agrees and signs a Partnering Agreement.

Until all three are completed, there is no sale. Why is this important? The Partner Agreement is strictly structured to guarantee growth and duplication. The key to growth is being able to close the deal in order to create new Partners, which enables growth and duplication.

All About Drop Cards

 A Real Nickel glued to card
You just found a Nickel.
But you are overlooking a fortune

If you haven't seen them or know what they are, Drop Cards are business size cards you drop in various locations where someone is sure to find them. Grocery carts, check out stands, and counters are just a few places that come to mind.

Do not put your name on the card. Do not put your phone number on the card. Do not put your email address on the card.

The idea is to create just enough curiosity to cause the passer-by to keep the card and check out the URL. If someone asks you "what's it about," just say, "The website tells the story. Check it out." These cards can be made using your computer, so they are inexpensive.