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Reflections of a Young Living Distributor on Opportunity
By Jim Lynn, © 2006

Back in 1995 when I first became a YL Distributor I did a Google word search entering "essential oils." I recall five entries showed up in the results, two of them were YL Distributors. Enter the same search words today and you'll get back over nine million results. My my...What a difference! Reflecting back, I like to feel I had some small influence on making that difference.

As a retired preacher and online marketer I'd like to offer a few comments to encourage those of you who are new to YL and or are wondering if the same opportunity exists today as it did fifteen years ago.

Back then I didn't know much about essential oils, but I did understand natural health was a growing phenomenon. My YL sponsor, who was new herself, called me one day and said she had another person on the line and wondered if I'd be willing to listen to him. His name was Frank Burns. When Frank and I finished our conversation I placed an order for $225 worth of oils and that was my beginning with YLEO.

The internet was new then. I recall the first time I went online. It was like stepping out of Jurassic Park for the first time. I was fascinated and saw an unlimited marketing opportunity. From that time forward I built my entire YL business online. I have yet to sponsor anyone face-to-face even to this day. Lots of phone calls, but never face-to-face. I learned to use this wonderful new tool called the Internet to full advantage.

Now I know many of you are wondering what kind of opportunity exists today to build a fulltime income with YL. With just a few words: It remains wide open!

Something I've learned over the years (I'm 67). It is impossible to saturate the natural health market. Even with all other natural health companies, the rise of health stores and many, many, other natural health NWM companies, it is impossible to saturate the market place. And for good reason...

First: There is always a new generation of natural health seekers entering the market place. They are no different from their parents generation. If anything they are even more eager to buy natural health products than their parents are or were.

Secondly: In our lifetime, the economy has never been worse than it is now. Millions of people are searching for ways to make a living. They have thrown off old ideas about NWM and are willing to listen to what you have to say about YL's business opportunity.

Thirdly: There has never been a greater time period than today where people understand quality means everything when it comes to sustaining their heath. This means the public is more willing to buy quality for the sake of their health. Once more, they are willing to forsake extras in their lives in order to buy and consume these products. They read food labels, and are searching for quality natural health products like those YL offers exclusively.

Finally: Stay with me on this is easier today to make a lot of money faster then it was fifteen years ago. Now what do I mean by that? I mean it seems to contradict what I mentioned earlier about our economy.

Have you noticed how time seems to speed up as you get older? Well, that's how money works, too, when you seriously engage commerce and technology with NWM. Doesn't matter if you know litle about technology, only that you're willing to learn. And it isn't hard. Take it from someone whose grand children had to be told how to roll up windows in a car without electric windows. Boy, howdy, did that revelation ever date and shock me!

Now look at what I said about the above this way. If you are paid by the hour, there are just so many hours a week you can work. Hence you're income is limited. Not so with YL. YL's Compensation Plan allows us to leverage our time. This means we have the opportunity to earn unlimited income without time restraint. Said another way: You can put in the same number of hours to earn $300 per month as you do to earn $30,000 per month. This is the holy grail of economic security everyone would love to have.

I didn't know it back in 1995, but my life was greatly blessed the day my YL sponsor called and asked me to consider YL. Many others since then have been blessed as I have, not only with good health but with a lifetime of economic security.

Oftentimes, it is our own perceptions that block us from excelling. I hope my reflection on YL's opportunity will be of encouragement and inspiration. You know...Each of us has a story to tell. The best part of it is...We're not at the end of our story but somewhere inbetween. How will your story one day be told by your grandchildren?

Many blessings,

Jim Lynn