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Partnering: How It Works, And Its Advantages
by Jim Lynn

Partnering with Young Living downline members requires each Partner to act in concert with his or her Partner, but each remains an independent CEO of his or her Young Living Business. Under agreement, each Partner will have obligations to fulfill their half of the Partnership Agreement. And as you will soon see, the motivation to fulfill their obligation is what makes partnering so powerful 

The motivation for you is that your new Partner agrees to:  

1.     Commit to the Essential Rewards autoship program for
 six  months 
(minimum $100 per month).

2.     Purchase required literature.

3.     Set-up the Lead System recommended. (See Crown Jewel
 Business Manual)

4.     Provide you with the names and addresses of ten people.

5.     Set-up and participate in ten three-way calls between
you, and each of their ten prospects.

The motivation for your new Partner is that you agree to

1.     Send a Business Package to each of the ten names your
 Partner sends you.

2.     To conduct as many as ten three-way calls with those
prospects and your new Partner.

3.    Sponsor and place at least three of those ten people on
 your Partner’s first level, with each one committed to:

·    A six month $100 a month minimum
Essential Rewards autoship program.

·    Purchasing a Premium Starter Kit at enrollment.

·    Partnering with your Partner.

The end result of this agreement is that you will have established a new Young Living Partner, plus become the Enrolling Sponsor of three second level partnered members, each on a six month $100 a month Essential Rewards autoship. 

This means in addition to increasing your Personal Group Volume, as the Enroller you will also receive a Fast Start Bonus.

·    A one-time bonus of $25 for each Premium Starter Kit sold. 

·    A 25% commission on the Purchase Volume (PV) from each
of the distributors you enrolled for their first three months.

As for your new Partner, they will not only generate immediate residual income, they will in turn, by Agreement, help each of their three, new first level Young Living Partner's to create and Partner with three more additional Partners.

Each commitment lasts only six months, but the Partnering Agreement remains alive and continues to create new Partners. Most importantly, every Partner that comes onboard will have witnessed and learned how to build unlimited income in the process. This is how product distribution will work in the new economy to create independent wealth for the masses.

Your new Young Living Partner will work with each of his or her three, new first level Young Living Partners, to create a total of nine more partnered Young Living members.

These nine new members will be placed on your first level Partner’s second level. You will have completed your initial partnership obligation, but the pay-off just keeps growing.

Where there was initially say $100 PV, then $400 PV in business generated every month, your new first level member will increase that amount to $1,300 PV, and it just keeps multiplying. Each new successive member will have a working Partner and be on the $100 or more per month Essential Rewards autoship program. Each new succeeding partnered member will have witnessed the duplication power inherent in partnering, and be motivated with immediate cash and a partner to continue it.

Friends, this is how to build a downline. There is not a more reliable, faster way to build product distribution and to do so with repeat product purchases, month in and month out. Why? Each partnered member in your downline will have reason to qualify each and every month. Partnering works because each party has a monetary incentive to do so, and is backed by participation of his or her Partner.

I know, I know. You are wondering how in heaven’s name all of this happens. It would be wonderful if it actually did happen that way, wouldn’t it? Let me tell you it does happen just that way because of three factors:

1.     Two people are involved, not just one.

2.     Every Partner is placed into an immediate, positive
cash flow position.

3.     Every new Agreement creates three new-partnered members
  who, in turn, agree to create three more Partners.

The focus is product distribution. The products come from Young Living’s warehouse. What better way is there to get healthy, life sustaining products into the hands of the masses, then by giving each person such a compelling, financial reason to buy them.


“If you help others get what they want, you’ll get what you want to.”

- Zig Ziglar 1926-2012