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Let's Talk Business Plan
By Jim Lynn

Congratulations! You are the proud owner of a bouncing baby business.

Yes, much like a new baby, first time business owners are proud of their new venture. But let me ask you: As a new business owner are you sure you are ready for such a responsibility?

Many new business owners struggle to understand their new business, its wants and needs. After all, most people get into a business without any notion of what it takes to make a business grow into maturity.

New business owners are full of expectation and hopes of creating a legacy, a worthy endeavor that will be passed on to loved ones to enjoy. That is why you went into business isn't it? I mean, you certainly didn't begin your venture with failure in mind, or without gaining some end point did you?

All the more reason to draft a written Business Plan: Yes, a Business Plan. Does your business have one?

Every successful business has a written Business Plan that includes a Vision Statement, a Mission Statement, Customer Profile, Marketing Plan, Sales Strategy, Income Tax Strategy, and so on.

Why a tax strategy? Taxes are what business owners pay when their business generates ever increasing amounts of money. That is why savvy business owners consider income tax strategies as a working part of their Business Plan. It will help them keep more of what they earn.

Seriously, one of the best things you can do for your new business is to craft and write a Business Plan. And then, do your business by it.

Dream Builderss offers a sample Business Plan because we know you cannot achieve your business goals without one. I hope you read that last sentence again and realize what it means.

Without a written Business Plan your business is like a ship drifting at sea without its rudder to guide it. Your Business Plan is your business rudder that guides and gives direction to everything you do with your business. It is your blue print that makes you focus on what is important and helps you make your business grow.

This is why Dream Builders wants you to have a written Business Plan. But we go further and show you how to use that Business Plan to sponsor new associates. We believe including that Business Plan in with a business package you send to prospects is all important in establishing meaningful business relationships. It sends the message that you are serious with the hope that the prospect will be as well. Otherwise, what's the point?

Surprised? Actually, the business package you send to prospects should be more about business and less about the products you hope they will buy, or Young Living and the Comp. Plan that is offered. Why? You want people who will look at owning a business first, not people who think they must buy products.

There are other documents you should include in your business package, but none more significant than a copy of your Business Plan.

To download a sample copy of a Young Living Independent Distributor Business Plan that you can fill-in the blanks with your own information, Click Here. The Business Plan is formatted as a MS Document. You will also find a sample Business Plan under Downloads formatted as a PDF document.

Empowerment is a force of nature, a blessing not to be denied.