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 Partnering Is Key To Duplication And Massive Growth
By Jim Lynn, © 2014

Wouldn't it be great if every new Distributor that comes into your downline sponsored three more Distributors, and everyone of them did the same, and so on? Not only that but every Distributor also signed up for $100 auto-shipment of products? That's what Partnering does!

Partnering takes the guess work out of hoping Distributors you sponsor will sponsor others and go on auto-ship. Partnering also insures those Distributors they sponsor, and those they sponsor, down through infinity, likewise, all do the same. This happens because every person partnered is motivated and committed. They understand they are building a product distribution business, something they already know and understand.

Young Living's Marketing Strategy
By Jim Lynn, © 2014

Up until a few years ago Young Living's marketing strategy has worked well. However as Young Living continues to grow, it has now reached a point when that same marketing strategy may be acting to hold us back as Distributors wanting to build or expand our business. It's a subject long overdue for explanation.

By Jim Lynn, © 2006

Who of us enjoys being sick or to suffer in pain from disease? Human aspiration has always been to have a strong healthy body free of ailment.

But this commonly shared ideal of health is many times mired by the reality of disease and suffering in our lives. So much so, ridding ourselves of pain and suffering has turned into a national quest.

With so much time and money spent in the quest for relief, one would think the world has a foundational grasp of healing. But this is not the case. For most people, healing has come to mean the relief of pain and suffering, rather than to make the body whole and free of disease.

With this shift in focus to control the effects of disease, the aspiration of health, of having a strong healthy body, has turned into a fairy tale. So much so, the last three generations have grown up in distrust of the body, and in full acceptance of disease as an integral aspect of aging.

So while we may envy the idea of strong healthy bodies on the one hand, we have turned our faces against the quest for true healing on the other. And in the process, we have forgotten the lessons of health and healing set forth by generations past.

See Microscopic Photographs Enclosed

by Sue Chao (August 1997 - July 1998)

Previous studies in YLEO research laboratory have demonstrated that many single oils have antagonistic effects among microorganisms, including viruses, fungi and bacteria. All these results were reported at the YLEO convention in 1996. This year, the microbiology study at YLEO is focused on the anti-microbial activity of essential oils against the bacteria species Streptococcus pneumoniae because it is a significant species that causes the upper respiratory tract disease and even death in humans. Strains of these bacteria cause a large number of cases of pneumonia, bacteria, sinusitis, meningitis and middle ear infections. A problem in treating these types of infections is that up to 35% of all S. pneumoniae isolates are resistant to penicillin and frequently resistant to other antibiotics as well.

First, 74 essential oils were tested by paper disk diffusion assay. Table I shows the results. 57% of the oils work against S. pneumoniae strain R36A at different levels. Highly effective oils that damaged the S pneumoniae included Oregano, Thyme, Rosewood, Peppermint and Mt. Savory, while Cinnamon, Clary sage, Clove, Rose and Spearmint were moderately effective.

 Nature's Amazing Healing Oils
By Jim Lynn, © 2014

Dr. Steven Ross, Director of the World Health Research Organization, while on a trip to China, was asked by a Chinese doctor how alternative medical therapies are faring in the U.S. When Dr. Ross replied by stating that homeopathy and herbal therapies were not too popular, the Chinese doctor interrupted him saying,

"No, I don't mean that. I mean the use of drugs and surgery. Don't forget, we have used acupuncture and herbs for more than 5,000 years and we know the results of every combination as well as when and where to use these products."

The Chinese doctor went on to point out that many American surgical techniques are still considered experimental by the Chinese medical community, and many drugs have been tested only for a few years. Consequently, little or nothing is known about drug combinations or long-term side effects on the body.

And so it is, we get a glimpse of how the rest of the world looks upon so called "modern" medicine in the U.S. In China, it is allopathic medicine, not alternative medicine that is considered the outsider.1

Today, more and more people are becoming aware that chemical, radiation and surgical treatments of disease do not always translate into better health for the consumer. This awareness, plus concern over the sky-rocketing costs of allopathic medicine, is responsible for leading millions of people to search for natural alternatives.

You are about to discover the world of therapeutic grade essential oils, God's gift to mankind for healing and health. And best of all, this gift is freely available...without prescription. Physicians and researchers should take note: The effectiveness of using essential oils for health and well-being is not bound in folklore, but in hard copy research backed by over 6,000 years of use.

 Product Distribtion and The Movement of  Money: The Best Kept Secret to Creating Financial Security
By Jim Lynn, © 2014

“Houston, we have a problem”

No matter if you are a Generation X'er looking ahead to a career, a Baby Boomer thinking of retirement, or living on a fixed income, generations of people today are staring at a big problem: Their own financial security. The American dream, once the hallmark of achievement, seems to be fading away before their eyes. And rightly so.

The old jobs are no longer here like they once were, and viable careers are becoming harder and harder to find and rope in. It seems people nowadays depend more and more on credit, because there is too much month left at the end of the money. Just getting by is fast becoming the norm and a trick to pull off.

The problem is not the lack of money, there's plenty of it moving around. The problem is money is moving where most of us are not.

Note: Money is not an end to itself, it’s what money facilitates that’s missing in most peoples life. Money is what gives us access to those things.

So is there a solution?

Of course there is. The solution lies in understanding the problem. It's time for change. If You want greater income, if you want financial security, you must first put yourself in front of the movement of money. What do I mean by that statement. Well, it's not money itself that makes people rich. It's the movement of money that does. Think about it.