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About Jim and Joyce Lynn
Jim is the Creator of Dream Builders

Jim LynnLet me tell you something. I can write the socks off telling people about Young Living, their products and the home business opportunity they offer. But when it comes to writing something personal about ourselves, it isn't easy. However, at the same time we understand you want to know something about us. So here goes.

Joyce and I are now in what some call our senior years. We live outside Palmer, Alaska in the deep woods, on a mountainside, in a beautiful log home. We love the incredible spicy, sweet air here, and enjoy the wildlife that hangs out around our homestead (moose, bears, porcupines, wolves, robins, nuthatches, chickadees, etc.) We are blessed to live in a wilderness paradise, where life is as it always has been. I mean exactly that. Life here remains pristine (Click here to see some of our photos).

Joyce and I are so much alike it's downright scary. We enjoy our free time prospecting for placer gold, and metal detecting. We are what the modern world calls Preppers, although we have never thought of ourselves that way. We simply enjoy the old ways of doing things. We enjoy salmon fishing, vegetable gardening, picking berries, keeping chickens and such, to keep our larder full.

I found Young Living back in 1995, and quickly enrolled as a distributor. My member number is 20032.

My interest in essential oils comes from Bible Study, and from serving as a missionary inside the old Soviet Union (Russia and Ukraine). While in country, I stayed in various homes where people invited me. In doing so I noticed every home had dried herbs hanging on the wall, and small dark jars on shelves containing something they called healing oils. I had never heard of them.

It turns out there were no pharmacies like we enjoy here in the states, so every family was required to go out into the country to cut various kinds of plants, and bring them to a place in town where the plants would be distilled. For this effort, each family received a portion of the oils to keep. This is how people at the time attended to their health and aches and pains.

I found this fascinating. So when I returned home, I began researching healing oils, and studied their mention in the Bible. I wanted to know the context they were used in and why, by the Israelites and early Christians. From my two year study, I eventually wrote and published a book called "The Miracle of Healing in Your Church Today." I also began a teaching ministry called God's Healing Word.

The first time I wandered onto the Internet, it was for me like stepping out of Jurassic Park for the first time. In doing so I realized the entire world was like a theater, and I could be one of the players on stage. As a result, of the large numbers of Young Living Members in our downline, we have yet to sponsor our first distributor face-to-face. Each one came to Young Living as a result of my marketing over the Internet, and follow-up by phone.

Young Living has been a blessing to Joyce and me for many years. I am speaking financially now. As our income grew from Young Living, it freed us to follow our dream, to do the things we enjoy, and to buy our home. Young Living even put me on the road one year to present Young Living Business Workshops across the country.

Although Dream Builders was created for the benefit of the many Young Living members in our down-line, all Young Living Distributors are welcome here. Our purpose is to help you attain your goals and enrich your life through Young Living. No matter where you live, or your circumstances, the opportunity to free yourself from the demands of time is right here before your eyes.


Jim and Joyce Lynn
Young Living Gold Distributors